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Official Moto Star Club

Don't know how many of you have already seen this..but thought i'd put it up anyway...

Just put up the Moto Star club...of course, not much yet, but it will
be. Should be a great forum for discussing Moto stuff and i'm sure
that when the official site is up people will be interested in
checking it out. At any rate, join up if you're a Moto fan and more
stuff will be coming shortly. If you're curious about Moto Star, feel
free to ask me. Those of you who recently joined, MP3's are in the
files section on Brentaholic Eyecandy and Brentaholics Anonymous. The
MP3 site has some, just have to put up the rest. The new album should
be heading my way shortly and when it does...i'll have even more
MP3's. Be sure to ask if you have any questions and if you wanna get
CD's, i'll be sure to direct you :) Thanks and enjoy!

More updates coming soon...I'm trying to figure out more things for us to discuss. Sorry
its not too exciting here, but i'll do my best.
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