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Howdy All!

Wanted to make sure I updated. Hope everyone is enjoying a new week of U-Pick. I've been getting myself caught up, posting a lot on the club, and just generally attempting to do a lot. :) I don't really have a whole ton to say at this point except that I'm pretty much getting into the new stuff. Brent looks awesome, as usual. :) It was funny when he was picking on Candace again and the whole Pick Boy groveling at Darius's feet yesterday. Some pretty hilarious stuff. I can't wait to see more and see all the new stuff they're doing. No new Moto news to speak of, but i'll inform ya as soon as I hear of it. :) Brent freaking rocks :)

Anything you guys want to discuss in particular? I'm up for absolutely anything. You let me know if you have any questions or anything in particular you want to talk about about Brent. I'll post more on in here in a day or two and try to keep up with it more often. :)
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